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LIVE vings status

EAV (East Atlanta Village)
494 Flat Shoals Ave Atlanta 30316

Let's talk about VINGS™️, baby!​

VINGS™️ started out as an idea and has turned into a household, must-have, sold out, Atlanta phenom! Our 100% plant-based, meat-free wings are a hit! They usually sell out so you gotta get them fast!

Million Dollar Question: I've tried to get the VINGS before but they were sold out! Why can't you just order more to keep them in stock?

This is a brilliant suggestion - here's the thing: WE ARE NOW THE BIGGEST BUYER OF VINGS IN THE SOUTHEAST! We have been in touch with the manufacturer and we've done ALL WE CAN DO to get as many vings as possible weekly ( even driving all the way to Tennessee at 5am to get more!)

Are VINGS gluten-free? No, they are made with wheat gluten (the good gluten), soy protein, peas, carrots, water, and a tofu skin.

VINGS are a hot and limited item - so get 'em while they're hot!

The "VINGS", THE VINGS!! the texture, presentation and taste, JUST AWESOME I'm a meat eater and my wife is vegan. It was a happy dining experience which is usually rough for me. I didn't have make plans for an S.O.S snack later😌

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